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We should do something to keep perpetual thoughts and ideas of the great /noble man to prevail the social justice. Whenever we saw the intense inequality in society it’s the cause of irritation or anger and our mind become fervent. For the justice and then we remember the people who can give justice. At that time there would be the need of the noble thought of great people. The alchemy of the change in society can be happened with those thoughts.

Any great man may be alive with these thoughts and to sustain or to keep alive these thoughts us the duty of his disciples. As a tree needs water for its existence, the same need also for the thoughts. There is a great need of propagation of these thoughts to keep them alive Dr. Ambedkar said that, “An idea needs propagation as much as a plant needs watering. Otherwise both will wither and die.”

In the modern times Dr. Ambedkar’s thoughts and literature has perished gradually. 70 or 80% of Dr. Ambedkar’s literature is not propagated society or published in right way. And it’s not happening because of the lack of awareness. Also these who are aware of this they cannot do work because of many difficulties. The government also is very indifferent and it is not new to us. It is very certain to say that it this literature is always been neglected, it will perish with time or weather it will be partly available and then how can one say that. It’s basic or original form remains unchanged? But it is very necessary that the actual action is more important than to blame each other. And for that everyone should come together, otherwise the neat generation will never forgive us.

To keep alive this thoughts in the form of literature the Vinimay publications is founded, to publish all the books written by Dr. Ambedkar and also translate it is Hindi and English languages is the first stage of this task. The translation should be literally proper and also the proof reading must be with aptness. There should not be any shortness or lack of quality and printing and binding of the books. Also readers should get these books in very low prices and Vinimay Publication is always prominent and careful in it. It we can get more cooperation of generous and wealthy people in society them we can do the great work in the field of Dr. Ambedkar’s literature. Thank you.

rajratna thosar
Rajratna Thosar
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